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Faber built-in kitchen hood INCA SMART HC X A70 cod. 110.0255.522

Codice: INCA SMART HC 70 cod. 110.0255.522

Marchio: Faber

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INCA SMART HC X A70 Cod. 110.0255.522

Great ease of installation, maintenance and attention to aesthetics for this recessed group with superior performance, which can be mounted in any type of body, even in a very thin shape.

Category hanging recessed hoods or rustic hoods. The embedding hole for its insertion must be about 67.7X26.1

Technical features

Stainless steel finish (stainless steel front)

Electromechanical Slider Controls

Lighting 2 Led HV 4000k

Aluminum filter

Width 700

Performance at 3 speeds

Suction capacity point IEC 235-330-400

Power (Watt) 85-100-140

Pressure (PA) 180-210-220

Noise dB (A) 57-66-70

Energy consumption D

Led spotlight that guarantees diffused light with a consumption of only 3 watts

The hood can be used to recirculate then connected to external piping or in filtering mode.

When recirculating the hole is 15 cm diameter, you will also receive a 15/12 diameter re-feeder

If you need pipes or reducers for smaller diameters you can buy them at the bottom of the listing.

In case you would like to use it in filtering mode, you must add at least 1 pair of activated carbon filters to the purchase.

Faber built-in kitchen hood INCA SMART HC X A70 cod. 110.0255.522 Faber

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