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INCA SMART C LG A 52 hood cod.305.0554.557 recessed

Codice: 305.0554.557 INCA SMART C LG A 52

Marchio: Faber

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Faber built-in hood mod. INCA smart C LG A 52 cod. 305.0554.557

Great ease of installation, maintenance and attention to aesthetics for this built-in unit with superior performance, which can be mounted in any type of body, even very thin

Extractor and filter function hood. The hood comes with a 15 cm diameter outlet hole, you will receive a reducer that can bring the hole to a diameter of 15. Optional you can also have an additional reducer to bring the tubing to 10 diameter, you can find it among the accessories.

If you have no way of connecting it to the pipe you must make it filter by purchasing at least a pair of carbon filters, maximum duration 8-12 months, we recommend the purchase of more pairs. The carbon filter can be purchased among the accessories with the code 112.0556.527

The installation motor requires a hole of approximately 49.6x26.1

Technical features
Code: 305.0554.557
Description: INCA SMART C LG 52
Material: Gray painted metal mask
Number of engines: 1
Speed number: 3
Lighting: LED
Filter: "removable washable metal meshes
Width (cm): 52.2

Engine performance at 3 speeds
Suction capacity Mc / h: 185-240-300
Pressure: 230-240-260
Power consumption: 80-100-125
Noise: 61-63-67

INCA SMART C LG A 52 hood cod.305.0554.557 recessed Faber

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