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Faber hood 60 under-cabinet with metal mesh + 2 carbon filter

Codice: 110.0157.088 + ACCESSORI

Marchio: Faber

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Kitchen hood LG A60 152 gray 60 cm under-cabinet 110.0157.088 with addition of n. 3 accessories

N. 1 metallic mesh filter

N. 2 Activated carbon filter

The hoods of this series allow an easy installation in any type of wall unit. The front door in the rest position aligns perfectly with the wall unit in a rigorous balance of lines.

Type of panelable under-panel. In the front panel kitchen panel must be inserted

Dimension: L. 60 cm - Thickness 15 cm - prof. 30 cm. Supplied you will receive an adjustable angle with the qulae you will be able to make it prof. up to a maximum of 35 cm

Light grey

LED lighting

N. 3 speed with the characteristics shown below

Suction capacity mc 120/170/190

Power (watt) 60/75/95

Pressure 160/180/190

Faber hood 60 under-cabinet with metal mesh + 2 carbon filter Faber

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