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Codice: ELISUMMER_70_NERO_2_motori_CE_70

Marchio: Elica

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Propeller Elisummer 70 Depth: 511 mm, height: 149 mm.

quality Propeller
The technical art of the designers and the expertise of the many workers who assemble products merge into a single path of passion, attention to detail, innovation, whose synthesis is the product that will arrive in homes around the world. Passion in design and care in building then become customer care after purchase.

* Hood midway extractor version, if you want to buy press filtering effect in the photo immediately sotto.L'attenzione the product continues in the distribution, to delivery in homes around the world. Propeller, in addition to the manufacturer's standard warranty, now gives you the opportunity to experience "5 years of tranquility", buying diversified service packages to extend the life of the product and to avoid discomfort caused by imprevisti.Su each model are carried out and test lab to test: suction efficiency, electrical safety, noise level and reliability. This is not enough! At the end of the production line will carry out sample checks to ensure functional quality, aesthetic and packaging.

outlet hole with antireflux diameter 12, supplied included in the price to receive diameter gear 10 and a leg hole for possible filtering effect.

The outlet hole can be found both in the upper and in the rear.

the hood MEOBOOT perforated at the top and at the back, can 'be determined must be under wall to wall
Measures (cm) 70
Finish / black front Filtering version
Slider Controls 3V
Lighting Halo 1x28 W
Airflow IEC (m3 / h) 180-270
Sound Level db (A) 54-63
Power consumption (W) 85
Exit (mm) 120


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