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LGX 2156 60 hood 2 suction filter motors 110.0157.106

Codice: lgx 2156 60 110.0157.106

Marchio: Faber

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Faber 2156 LG / X A60 under-cabinet

60 cm thick under-wall kitchen hood with paneling (in the front panel kitchen panel must be inserted)

Code 110.0157.106

Light gray finish

N. 2 engines

Electro-mechanical controls

N. 2 halogen bulbs

Washable metal mesh filter with stainless steel door

Performance at 3 speeds:

Suction point IEC 170/235/290

Power (Watt) 120/160/190

Pressure (PA) 160/210/240

Noise level dB (A) 65/70/73

The hood can operate either in suction mode just by connecting it to an external pipe, or in filtering mode, in that case you have to buy n. 2 active carbon filters at the bottom of the insertion.

LGX 2156 60 hood 2 suction filter motors 110.0157.106 Faber

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